melissa figgins


Melissa Figgins is passionate about healthy living inside and out and seeks to help others be firmly planted physically as well as personally.  She believes that we each have a God-given purpose and we cannot live that out if we don't feel well or believe in ourselves.  Her business is centered around helping others live healthier lives, incorporating Arbonne's vegan and gluten free skincare, personal care, cosmetic and wellness products into their daily lives and showing them how to find time and financial freedom by starting their own Arbonne business.  She has been building her business and changing lives since 2013 and seeks to add value to everyone she encounters.  

With a background in education, she taught middle school for many years and then taught gifted education in several school settings.  After taking the time to raise and homeschool her 3 children, she now substitutes, tutors and volunteers with young moms in her community.  For additional information, please visit my personal website