Nancy D’Agostino is a licensed, board-certified mental health counselor and operates Next Direction Counseling, PLLC in Crystal Lake. While there is a positive movement in our society to become more holistic and health conscious, we often underestimate a mandatory need to tend to our mental well-being. Research supports that healthy living requires paying attention to both physical and mental health because they have a reciprocal relationship. Nancy is a dedicated advocate for mainstream recognition of the critical connection between physical and mental health and works to remove any negative stigma that remains inaccurately attached to seeking mental health services. To accomplish these goals, Nancy looks for opportunities to provide the healthcare consumer information about the importance of mental health, the counseling process, and the philosophy of Next Direction Counseling.

 Living in Cary and Crystal Lake for over 30 years, Nancy is the mother of four children now on their own. While raising her family, Nancy took an active role as a volunteer in the Cary school system and her children’s extracurricular activities. Highlights from these volunteer roles include petitioning and speaking before the school board to reduce overcrowded classrooms and being selected by the teaching staff at Three Oaks school to be a parent representative on a hiring panel  for a new school principal. With the priority of raising her children complete, Nancy returned to a calling to work as a mental health counselor and established Next Direction Counseling.